Kevin R. Czarnecki

Customized Voice Over Lessons

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COVID is changing the industry.

You need the training, professionalism, networking, and the know-how to use those changes to your advantage.

Home Studio Setup

I’ll teach you how to build a studio in the comfort of your own home on a budget

Customized Voice Over Lessons

Personalized one on one lessons designed to help you where you need it, and shine where you excel. It’s all about you.

What You’ll Learn

The physical coaching is not just a matter of finding your signature voice, but also understanding vocal mechanics which will enable you to possess the vocal command of every vocal resource you have.  That coaching will enable you to create new voices from scratch on the fly.

The psychology of performance includes script analysis, character development, and your own personal morale and motivation.  In this I will teach you how to use your voice so they can “hear you smiling” in the booth.

The professional development means you’re not just going to learn how to use your instrument, but also how to sell it.  I will teach you how to find and deal with clients, how to work as a freelancer in quarantine, and how to navigate the unique new opportunities opening in the industry every day.

Additionally, when I think you’re ready, I’ll put you in touch with professional engineers to make your demo.  I don’t get a cut.  This is so you can be confident that my teachings will get you places in the real world.  I will also get you a better deal on your demo reel, and I will shop it around to agencies.  These lessons are more than just an education, they are also networking experience.

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Flexible Rates

Flexible rates for students and low income

Referral bonuses

Technical Skills

Physical Coaching

Psychology of Performance

Business Development

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